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Ishin Japanese Restaurant Old Klang Road Kuala Lumpur

Ishin Japanese Restaurant Old Klang Road Kuala Lumpur
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Ishin Japanese Restaurant located at 202, Persiaran Klang, Batu 3 3/4, Off Old Klang Road, 58000 Kuala Lumpur is very popular for bringing in premium Japanese produce to be savoured by its avid followers.

Each time you dine at Ishin Japanese Restaurant; you will have a sense of having had a satisfying meal. This is due to the experience that Chefs has to serve their Japanese dishes to suit the demanding palate of its diners especially the current season produce of Japan.

We had a chance to taste out; some of the speciality dishes at Ishin Japanese Restaurant recently. To start off our dinner; we ordered the Gyuniku Tataki. Using the premium sirloin cut, the beef is grilled to medium rare, sliced and served with grated radish/ fresh chillies, minced garlic and chopped scallions. You can mince on the soft texture of the beef which marries perfectly to the citrusy sauce that came with it.

One can't miss out having this Dobin Mushi – Tea Pot Clear Soup. It is a clear broth with a nice clean taste. We like how it was presented and how to get the maximum taste. You start off drinking the clear soup from the teacup as it is. This ensures that you taste out the natural flavour of the soup.

Then you can add a tinge of lime to it and it takes you to another level of taste. As you enjoy the soup, you can take off the teapot covers where you will find a prawn, shiitake mushroom and soft Taufoo which you can eat it.

A Japanese dinner isn't complete without an order of Sashimi. For tonight we ordered the Sashimi Moriawase - Chef Selection. One of the reasons why diners keep coming back to Ishin Japanese Restaurant is the sashimi offering for the freshness of the seafood. The clam was very nice with the chewy texture; while the flying fish was superb and the prawn with a bouncy texture that has you lingering for more.

Our next dish from the Teppanyaki menu is indeed an interesting offering which is the Hokkaido King Crab with Duck Liver. This dish called for the use of two exquisite ingredients namely Foie Gras and the Hokkaido King Crab. The duck liver is lightly teppan-fried which has a slight char on the outside and melt in the mouth texture on the inside and is served with meaty crab over butter, soy sauce and fried garlic for the extra flavour.

For the deep fried dish, we ordered the Tori Kaarage. Unlike the Tori Kaarage which are served at other restaurants; at Ishin, each piece of chicken meat is crafted to have only a thin layer of meat; This makes eating this Kaarage a real delight as you can taste the crunchy and crispy combination all in one bite as compared with others which has a big chunks of meat.

The star of the night is our order of the Matsuzaka Wagyu Beef Stone Grill. This wagyu steak is cooked on a hot stone over an open flame. You got a choice of either having the staff to grill it and you can DIY. The premium Wagyu meat leaves up to its name and the marbling of the steak was nice and of course, you can experience not only the sound of the grill, the aroma and every bite of this melt in mouth texture and taste.

The dish comes with a sauce which is a concoction of miso and salt, but frankly, I love the lightly grill soft texture and its natural taste of this premium cut of Wagyu.

Finally, if you still have any stomach space left; you can order the Yaki Udon to fill up your space. The Yaki Udon is stir-fried with chicken and vegetables, topped with bonito flakes for extra flavour.

After a hearty meal, we decided to have a refreshing order of Mix Fruits Platter to cleanse our palate.

As we were ordering our dessert, the staff recommended us to try a not on the menu Musang King ice-cream; which as a fan of the king of Fruit; it was a no-brainer to order it. Taste wise was not too bad, but if they were Musang King flesh in it, it would have made it to my must-eat list.

For more information and reservation, you can call Ishin Japanese Restaurant at 603-7980 8228.

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